Live Teachings Online

Teachings can be viewed live over the internet on your computer during Sunday class from 10:30 AM Pacific Time until it ends at about 12:30.

Clicking the button will access the live streaming feed that is in windows media format and it will open the player on your computer designated to run the file, most likely windows media player.

NOTE: Due to limitations of this technology, the live webcast stops and restarts at the end of the initial prayers - about 15 minutes after the start of the program. You may get a message saying that your viewer is waiting. If you get this message, stop and restart your viewer.


This is the video/audio webcast with the Teacher's and the english translator's voices audible.



Audio Only

This is the audio only feed in English.

Audio teachings are not broadcast until initial prayers have ended - usually about 10:50 AM.



Audio Only

This is the audio only feed in Vietnamese.

Audio teachings are not broadcast until initial prayers have ended - usually about 10:50 AM.


At the request of Geshe-la, we would like to suggest that students get together as a group to view these teachings whenever possible.

Not only will this allow more people to view the teachings (as more computers access the teachings on our website the quality will eventually be reduced as it can only support a limited number of connections) but it will also encourage interaction and discussion between students. When questions arise that cannot be answered in your group, Geshe-la has requested that you email these questions to him and he will address them during the next session of teachings.

Please email questions to:

Notes on viewing the teachings:

Macintosh For best results, download the Windows Media Player for Macintosh at software/macintosh/osx/default.aspx
Some versions of the Real Player may be configured to play our files. See the Real Player site for more details.
Linux To the best of our knowledge, our files can be played with M-Player. Please visit the M-Player site for more details.
Why Windows Media? We selected the Windows Media format because it offers the greatest benefit to the widest audience at the lowest cost. We considered Real, but rejected it because their free player bombards users with ads and upgrade requests and their free encoder and server are very limited in function. Streaming mpeg video and mp3 audio was not available to us when we started this project. We are experimenting with it and may add it at a future date.